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Music Discoveries


A friend put on "GALisMIND" during a watch party by softboiledegg (半熟卵っち) and I couldn't help but love it, both the song and the energy of the girls in the video. She then put on "Bad Gals" which was even better!! I love the ridiculous and catchy lyrics... Barbie... Bad gal. I'm going to be singing this for the next week and definitely annoy Bear (he did not appreciate them like I do sadly).


"Defunk" by Billyrrom popped up on Bear's Spotify playlist while we were having a drive. I thought "I love this, they remind me of Scoobie Do!". I really love Japanese Funk. Their discography isn't wide yet, as they were only formed in 2020 but every single song they've released is wonderful. I listened to all of them several times before settling on my favorite, "Narrator". I can't wait to see you release more music, Billyrrom!


What a surprise!! A new EP by Aural Vampire, WANI, which I just found out about this morning. I excitedly put it on, and I liked all of the songs except for the one the EP is named after unfortunately. Still a great EP! I particularly liked "Cardigan Angel" and "KUMO NO ITO", the first and last songs of the EP respectively. Love it!


Why do I keep discovering new music while mopping specifically? "Trust" by Hot Flash Heat Wave came on and I stopped to like the song as usual and not even 5 minutes later, I heard "Sky So Blue" on the same recommended playlist for me. It was amazing! Two songs I love from the same artist in a row had me intrigued, so I checked out their discography and realized I had heard their hits "Gutter Girl" and "Glo Ride" before. I just finished listening to their album Neapolitan in full and while I do like surf rock, it was good but didn't stand out as much to me as the other songs I listened to (my favorite out of the album was "Dirty Dreamer (XXX)" by the way). I'm currently listening to their 2017 album Soaked and it's really good so far! I'm looking forward to combing through the rest of discography, but "Sky So Blue" is the song I can't get enough of.


"Солнце" by Peremotka played automatically on Spotify after I had been on a new wave kick while doing my morning cleaning at work. It was so good I had to stop mopping and make sure I saved the song to my liked list. Just now I got to listen to the album the song was from, Улица Мира. It was fantastic! I think the sound is a little lighter than Molchat Doma, but if you like them, you'll love this as well.


A few nights ago a friend played the song "Bésame Mucho" during a listening party by Lisa Ono. I was immediately enamored with her gentle voice and the bossa nova style of the melody. The next day I decided to listen to the whole album the song was from, Romance Latino Vol.3 ~Cuba Caliente Y Su Ritmo Sabroso~ What a wonderful discovery! I still like "Bésame Mucho" the most but I highly recommend the album overall.