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Welcome to my media page! This is a separate page to talk about the art and media I'm into so I don't have to use my diary for it all the time. I thought about how most of my hobbies involve consuming media, and it made me feel kind of like I'm a boring person... Sure, there are other topics I am interested in, like zoology, botany, astronomy, and philosophy, and hobbies I've dabbled in like gardening, cooking/baking, language learning, and crafting (which I desperately want to get back into sometime) but whenever I'm home and not drawing I find myself doing passive activities to relax.

My explanation for it is this: I am an artist, and I am very much interested in what other artists have created. Not all media is created equally though. While some pieces are considered art or even masterpieces, there are those that are the equivalent of junk food for the brain. Whatever it is, I want to document it all here!