100 Lolita Questions

Taken from this blog post
Date Published: December 27th, 2023

1. Please tell us your screen name, date of birth, and origin.

"Arachne", born May 1994 in the USA.

2. What is your height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?

I'm 149cm tall and my shoe size is 22.5 JP. I don't know how much I curently weigh.

3. What made you start doing Lolita fashion?

I want to say it was when I discovered Rozen Maiden in middle school? Or any other anime/manga series that had lolita characters around that time. In 5th-6th grade I went through a pink hating tomboy phase, but it was love at first sight and back to my girly roots when I saw the clothes. I wanted to look like a princess too! From there I researched the fashion further as my interest grew.

4. What is your favorite Lolita genre?

Sweet, especially 2010s OTT AP sweet. I also love old-school and gothic, though I don't think I suit gothic well...

5. Do you have any particular commitment to that genre, or your own definition of it?

I just wear what I like! Most of my wardrobe is darker colors though. Some would call it "bittersweet" but I always hated that term. Sweet in dark colors is still sweet lolita!

6. Do you have your ears pierced? How many piercings?

Just my lobes, they were done when I was a baby. I'd like to maybe get a second one done on my lobes and/or helix someday though.

7. What is your favorite brand?

Angelic Pretty!! Baby is a pretty close second though.

8. What is your favorite outfit?

Usually any coordinate I make with my Melty Berry Princess OP or Dream Doll or Milk-Chan and Snow Strawberry JSK~

9. How many lolita friends do you have?

I know so many wonderful, kind lolitas from my local comm!! Outside of my comm, I have a handful of online lolita friends as well. We exchange mail ♥

10. What was the best thing about doing Lolita?

How the clothes make my heart feel so light and airy. Meeting so many new, wonderful, creative people nationwide and marveling at their coordinates.

11. On the contrary, what is the most disgusting thing?

Please, wash your clothes!! It's shocking to me how many lolitas online have anonymously admitted to never washing them. There are some problem pieces like anything with velvet and the notorious bleeding red and navy colorways, but most lolita can be put into a laundry bag and machine washed. You don't have to spend a fortune on dry cleaning either. Oxyclean and Zote soap for stains, hang or lay flat to dry depending on the piece, and invest in a reliable steamer!

12. What is your favorite magazine?

Gothic Lolita Bible. I still have all of my English ones!

13. Headdress group? Team Bonnet? Team Headbow?

Headbows are what I wear most! Lately I've been wearing them on the side or back of my hair. I love headdresses too, but it's always been my dream to have a big bonnet from Triple Fortune... I don't know if it would look good on me though.

14. Do you have bloomers?

Only one pair of offbrand white ones. I used to have some black ones made by Megan Maude (they were my first lolita item period!) but I overestimated my size and they were way too big on me so eventually I gave them to a friend. I keep meaning to get more bloomers but they're at the bottom of my priority list. I usually just wear normal shorts under.

15. Do you tie your headdress in front? or are you on the team that ties it behind your head?

In the back. It especially looks very cute to see the ribbon tied at the nape of your neck if your hair is picked up!

16. Do you have a favorite music genre or band?

I like a lot of music across a lot of different genres... I have a favorite albums page, but even then I feel like so much music I enjoy is missing!

17. What is your mobile phone ringtone?

My phone is always on silent, vibrate if I'm waiting for a call.

18. Do you go to lives in Lolita?

I wore casual lolita to see Gorillaz. I'd be willing to wear lolita to more concerts, but I'd keep the coordinates simple and only wear pieces I don't mind getting sweat and alcohol on haha~

19. For those who go to lives, do you headbang?

Nah, I'll bob my head or maybe jump if I'm feeling energetic. Lately I prefer seated concerts, I'm too cranky to be in the pit.

20. What color do you like?

Pink, but black is my favorite color to wear. It's like my armor.

21. What are your hobbies?

Drawing, reading, wearing lolita, toy collecting. I used to cosplay, bake, and study Japanese but I haven't done those things in a long time... I'd really like to start crafting and make my own accessories. I have a needlefelting kit, I just need to try it out!

22. Please tell me if you have a favorite perfume.

I'm so inexperienced with perfume! A nostalgic favorite of mine is Harajuku Lovers Music by Gwen Stefani, and currently my favorite is Graveyard Roses from this collection.

23. Is there anything you say "I'm careful about this" when it comes to lolita?

Eating while wearing lolita!

24. Where are the places you visit / hang out at frequently?

I guess the movies. Bear and I also went to the arcade a lot this year but we're trying to go less often because it's such a money sink!

25. How many times a week do you wear Lolita?

I wear it like 2-4 times a month? Ideally I'd like to wear it 2-3 times a week though.

26. Please tell us the most embarrassing episode you had when you were a beginner in Lolita fashion.

I was very awkward and weird when I first met my comm... I'm certain I came off as the type of person who spends too much time online, lol!

27. What is your hairstyle and color now?

Wavy bob to my shoulders in my natural hair color, dark brown (except for the bleached ends). Hime cut.

28. How long have you been in Lolita?

A whole decade! I got my first main piece in 2013, a Meta JSK that doesn't even have a Lolibrary entry. It was empire waist, with full shirring and had gingham print.

29. Do you have a dedicated lolita storage space?

I wish! It's always been my dream to have a dedicated office/art studio that doubled as my lolita room.

30. Have you ever thought about leaving Lolita? If so, why?

I never have, no.

31. What is your motto?

Always keep the whimsy in your heart alive.

32. What are your dreams for the future?

To make a modest, comfortable living that allows me to afford my own place and travel and spend on hobbies within reason.

33. "This person would definitely look good on Lolita!" Are there any celebrities you think that about?

No not really, plus I wouldn't want a celebrity to draw even more attention to the fashion to people who don't understand.

34. Please tell us the item with the most memories and those memories.

My Milk-Chan and Snow Strawberry JSK! It was the first dream dress I ever obtained. I remember needing to take it to a tailor and she was reluctant to work on it... that was embarrassing. I ended up finding a tailor specializing in lolita instead. I also wore that JSK to one of my favorite meets, one we had for Winter ILD and my coord for that day remains one of my favorites! What else... Oh, I also wore it to see Welcome to Racoon City. It was awful! But at least my coordinate was cute.

35. What was the first item you got?

My first non main piece item was a pair of black bloomers with cotton lace from Megan Maude in 2009. My first main piece was a Meta JSK purchased in 2013, I think it was from a lucky pack because I was never able to find a stock image of it.

36. Do you have a signature pose for taking a picture?

I still haven't mastered the art of taking a good photo... I tend to freeze up when a camera is in front of me.

37. What is the "Bible"of your heart? (Like what Books, magazines, CDs, etc. represent your inner self)

"I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses." - A Little Princess

"Everlasting happiness is a joke. Even true love is quickly shredded by conflict. I am yours, even in death. Everlasting true love, I am yours." - Rule of Rose

There's also this passage from the Winter 2009 English GLB. It's a little cheesy, but it really stuck with me all these years and I still tear up whenever I re-read it.

38. How many centimeters tall is the highest heel you have?

6cm. I prefer a lower heel.

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?

Not since I was a kid, haha. Definitely not with lolita, maybe for a con coordinate.

40. Do you want to be a prince once in a while? What kind of prince? Dark system? Hakubakei?

Wearing ouji once would be cool, but it's more of a style I like to look at, not wear. My hips wouldn't fit any of those pants anyway.

41. What kind of lace do you like?

The embroidered lace AP uses! I also love torchon lace and cotton eyelet lace, very nostalgic.

42. Do you own a (ball jointed) doll? Those who have them are usually so enthusiastic about them!

I do not, but I'd love to own a 1/6 or 1/4 Volks girl one day, or anything by Kinoko Juice!

43. What's inside your lolita bag right now?

I have multiple lolita bags but I take my wallet, keys, phone, and lipstick at the very least. Some of those bags really can't hold much!

44. What is your favorite flower?

Sunflowers and pink carnations. Really, I love all flowers though.

45. What is your favorite accessory right now?

Besides all of my AP rings, I really love my Antique Beast headdress and am always looking for an excuse to wear it.

46. Please tell us your favorite / recommended cosmetics.

Peripera Ink Velvet for lips~

47. Bright eyes are the hallmark of being a doll! So do you use false eyelashes? If you have any tips on how to use them, please let me know.

For special events. They may look like too much in the mirror but trust me, if you're going to an event where lots of pictures will be taken, you'll be glad you put them on. Just be patient and really take your time when applying them. Practice makes perfect.

48. What is your particular eye makeup style?

Somewhere in between Asian and Western style. Heavier eyeliner than Asian makeup, sometimes upturned, sometimes downturned, mascara on the lower lashes, shimmer on the inner corners. I also love doing byojaku.

49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? black? pink?

Pink and red.

50. What color do you often use for nail polish?

My nails are mostly worn natural, sometimes I will apply a coat of transparent glitter polish though.

51. Have you ever changed your clothes in the toilet at the train station?

Not at a train station, but I've changed at the restroom at work before a meet. 0/10 don't recommend

52. Have you ever had twin loli or triplet loli? impression?

I've twinned before! It was with Melty Berry Princess and Toy Parade. I would love to twin more and triplet...

53. What are you doing to keep in shape? Recommendations?

My jaw is preventing me from eating comfortably and I've lost a lot of weight as a result. I don't recommend giving yourself TMJD to lose weight, lol. Eat whatever you want within reason, the most important thing is to watch your proportions.

54. Are you calm when alone in lolita?

I'm not nervous about it, I've had to take public transit in lolita loads of times so the stares are easy to ignore, but I hate being photographed or filmed.

55. How much do you spend on lolita each month?

I'm not sure, I'll go months without making any purchases and then I'll spend $200 suddenly. I do wish I had a bigger lolita budget.

56. Did you have any time lag between learning about Lolita fashion and actually doing it or resistance to starting?

Yes, I discovered lolita in 2007 or 2008 but didn't start wearing it until 2013. My mom and grandma were supportive of me wearing the fashion but I was on my own if I wanted the clothes so I had to wait until I had a job.

57. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? (In relation to Lolita)

Either my Melty Berry Princess set or my Radiant Candlelight JSK. Probably the JSK since it was $300 for just the JSK and the set came with the OP, KC, OTKS and a choker.

58. Lolita really costs money, doesn't it? How do you pay for Lolita?

I save here and there from working regularly.

59. Just here. How much is the total cost you have spent so far?

It's hard to calculate the exact amount, especially since I've sold plenty of items at a loss, but probably a little over 6k. I don't think that's too bad considering I've been wearing the fashion for 10 years.

60. Is there a store you would like to see nearby?

I don't think a lolita related store could survive in my city even if all of my comm shopped there.

61. Just between us, is there a store that makes you say: 'that's a rip-off!'?

Bodyline and Taobao stuff sold at cons... Oh, and I don't recommend any brand shoes or bags made with synthetic leather because they peel like crazy. Never again.

62. Have you ever used an online shop? If you have, please give us some advice on the good points and bad points. If you haven't, tell us why not.

Most of my wardrobe was bought online. Always have your measurements on hand. The good part is that you can find some good deals if you know where to look, the bad part is that you can't try on the clothes before buying.

63. Just between us, even if you want to keep it your own secret, what's an indie brand that makes you go "this is exactly my style".

I wouldn't say "exactly" but I really love MAM and Violet Fane.

64. Absolutely out of reach! But I want it! Do you have any brands or products like that for you?

A pair of VW rocking horse shoes!! The red ones!

65. What do you do with your tired old clothes?

Sell them online or wait until there's a swap meet coming up.

66. What was the most recent lolita and non lolita item of clothing you bought?

My most recent lolita purchase was an IW OP back in March, and my most recent non lolita item was a skull print cardigan this month. I kind of regret buying the cardigan but I haven't really been buying clothes this year so I guess it's ok.

67. What is something you missed out on that you'll never see again, but you can't forget?

On LM there was a Cherry Berry Bunny set with an Usakumya and I didn't buy it because it wasn't in my preferred colorway. It was gone within the hour. All my regret. I'll never forgive myself for selling my pink CBB set because I wanted a different cut, I'll never get it for the same price I sold it for. AP, please re-release it...

68. What do you think of dressing as a Lolita only during live performances?

It's fine if you only want to wear lolita for special events.

69. What do you think of No-Makeup-Lolita?

If you're a daily lolita or wear it a lot, no makeup will be more convenient! As long as your face is freshly washed.

70. You suddenly meet another person totally wearing Lolita! What do you do?

Wave and compliment their coord!

71. How old is a Lolita allowed to be?

There is no age limit to lolita.

72. Under what conditions do you think Lolita should graduate? (You can answer 'continue forever')

Only until they stop enjoying wearing the clothes.

73. Stop this! Are there any things no one should do in Lolita fashion?

Anything messy or outdoorsy!

74. Do you have a specific sense of what a perfect Lolita should be?

Not really.

75. Other than what you said 73, what is something you wish people wouldn't do?


76. What do you think about Lolita fashion for men?

As long as they're well dressed~

77. Have you changed in any way since you started Lolita?

I've become more picky about lace and fabrics. I lost interest in buying from normal fashion stores ($80 for this normie dress? I could just buy brand with that money), in general Western mainstream fashion is really boring to me now.

78. What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita? Do you accept it?

I've encountered a few rude strangers, but feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

79. What kind of lolita fashion do you do in the hot summer months?

In the very hot months, forget it. Being outside when it's 100+ from sun up to sun down is miserable in any outfit let alone lolita. If you must, skirts and a breathable top, JSKs with no blouse (use a lace shawl or pin a cardigan to cover the shoulders instead) or cotton OPs, ankle socks. A parasol is a must. Accepting you're going to melt no matter what you wear.

80. Do you go to school or work in Lolita?

I've gone to work in lolita before.

81. What is your usual outfit style?

Casual but still with a cutesy touch. Very weeby and not ashamed to wear anime graphic tees.

82. Do you have any objections to second-hand goods?

Not at all, 90% of my wardrobe is secondhand.

83. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)? Does he understand?

Yes, and he loves my style!

84. Please tell us your ideal male image.

85. What kind of person is the Lolita who left the biggest impression on you?

An artist~

86. Have you ever made your own clothes? What kind of clothes is it?

I'd love to make my own clothes but I only know how to (poorly) handsew.

87. Have you ever made an accessory yourself? What did you make?

I've only ever made bows.

88. This thing I made was a great success! Is there anything you feel that way about?

I mean, I was pretty proud of the bows I made considering handsewing takes forever.

89. Tell us if you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination.

A coordinate that turns me into a lace monster! Complete with a stiff bonnet. An OTT decololi coordinate a la 2009. And of course, I always wanted to try hime lolita...

90. Is there anyone you admire? What kind of person are they?

Tamami Urata, Kira Imai and Misako Aoki!! Misako has been an iconic person for the fashion for a long time, and Imai and Tama have created beautiful lolita artwork and have had their work printed on dresses as well.

91. You can date any person for just one day. The other person will also dress however you want. Who is it and what kind of date?

Travis dressing fancy?! ♥ He has to endure high tea with me, and then we will go shopping and to the arcade, in Tokyo of course.

92. What kind of store would you like to have if you were to open one in the future?

The dream would be to have my own official Sanrio franchise, but it would be neat to have a small kawaii gift/stationary store with a bunch of items from artists nationwide.

93. When looking at lolita, your eyes will go straight to this motif. What is it?

Strawberries, teddy bears, florals, and sailor collars!! I also love polka dots, gingham, and bustle backs.

94. Do you want your child to be a Lolita too?

I think a headdress would look so cute on my future cat!

95. How much can I spend on one loli outfit?

You can spend as little as $100 or you can spend as much as $1000. It really depends. My guess is the average price of an outfit is around $400-500 if you need to be head to toe in brand.

96. This is quintessentially Lolita! Is there a certain gesture that makes you think this.

Fixing each other's clothes!! A button that came undone, waist ties that remain untied because we ran out the door to get to the meet on time, a wrinkle in the lace...

97. I want to wear that once in my life! Do you ever think that about any style other than lolita?

I think it would be nice to be given a himegyaru makeover just once. I'm also interested in wearing fairy kei and girly kei (sometimes mislabeled jirai).

98. Looking at your Lolita collection or style, what one word would you use to sum it up?


99. What is your ideal Lolita image?

Someone who looks sweet but also looks like she won't take any nonsense from strangers, like Moon Kana.

100. Thank you very much! Please give us your impression of answering 100!

This was fun! It also took so much longer than I expected and I had to really think for some questions, lol.