"But I'm always dreaming, even when I'm awake.
It is never finished."

I am a yumejoshi. What is a yumejoshi, you may ask? Yumejoshi literally translates to "dreaming girl" and are female self-shippers in simplest terms. They imagine themselves alongside their favorite characters, either platonically or romantically. If you'd like to know a little more about the term, this page explains it better than I do.

Though I didn't know about the term until just a couple of years ago, I've always been a yumejoshi. Sure, it is commonplace for kids to imagine different worlds, but most grow out of it. These worlds and stories made up in my head have been a habit of comfort that have followed me well into adulthood, and continue to be a source of comfort and happiness, a safe place to escape to when real life becomes difficult or boring. This is my yumejoshi corner, where I will post art and talk a little about my favorite characters and my adoration for them.

Eventually, I will make pages for individual characters, but if you're interested in who my favorite characters are, click here! For now, this acts as a dumping ground for some of my yume art, categorized by year. Click the thumbnails to full view!